Hi i'm chaddae, chaddz, drizzy (no affiliation with Drake) *and all that jazz* haha (I love that song). I'm socially awkward but mad cool, God fearing, *and all that jazz*. I'm a sucker for the cute romancy suff but just hate PDA *ugh!* I believe in forgiving but maaayne can I hold a grudge (don't judge me, i'm a work in progress). I am a firm believer in the power of ice cream, chocolate, tea, cuddles *and all that jazz*
I love nice things (mostly that I can't afford) and all sorts of music. I staunchly believe that Tanya stephens is an underrated singer/songwriter..p.s.. check out her song *Take care of my man* chune wicked!!
I love me some banana porridge, pineapple cake, cheese cake *sigh*..oh ...AND ALL...THAT....JAAAAAAZZZZZZ...

Things that annoy me

Things that annoy me



A girl just told me that boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider and I had no come back. I just got owned by an 8 year old

She followed this up with ‘girls go to college to get more knowledge’ so this kid is clearly all about smashing the patriarchy through rhyme and I respect that

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What Really Happened in the Congo: Belgium’s ‘Heart of Darkness’

Leopold famously said when he was forced to hand over the Congo Free State to the Belgian nation: “I will give them my Congo but they have no right to know what I have done there,” and proceeded to burn archives.


Did y’all know about this?




I want my eyelashes to be as black as my soul and as long as the list of people I hate.